Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

In 2023 63Games will be sponsoring 20 children for a full year of the program. Thanks to the connection by Bobby Gandu (20 Year Veteran of 63Games) United Way will be working to match our gift and increase it to 40. Its a great opportunity to help children in the program and give them the lifetime gift of literacy.

Imagine a world where children develop a love of reading before they even start school.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library does that for children in the Wichita area with the help of donors to United Way of the Plains. The program sends children from birth to five years old a new age-appropriate book, free of charge in the mail every month. To prevent our children from failing to read on-grade level, these free books are essential.

Local enrollments depend on local donations. Every $25 gift sponsors one child for a full year in the program.

We are grateful to the generosity of 63 Games and the charitable gift provided by this year’s tournament competition and we wish everyone good luck!

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