Princeton is Back!!!

It’s time to party like it’s 1996! Princeton pulled off an incredible upset this Thursday, beating the second-seeded Arizona 59-55 in the first round of the 2023 NCAA men’s tournament.

Maybe this wasn’t as monumental of a win as when they were seeded 14th and knocked off the then defending champion third-seeded UCLA 43-41 back in 1996, but it still sent shockwaves throughout the South region and beyond.

It was only the second tournament win for Princeton since that momentous game over 27 years ago with their 1998 first round win against UNLV.

18 People are rolling with Princeton to the round of 32:

Valerie Belich-mesch

Joshua Jones

Gunner Ramey

Jason Cherish

Mike Anderson

Sean Mittelman

Rachel Olson

Shannon Bohm

Evie Marcotte

Mark Kiester

Janet Stange

Andy Henry

Diane Cline

Julia White

marcia williamson

Tyson Green

David Luttrell

Quinn Luttrell